App Prototype and User Testing

Heemesh Burhooa
2 min readMay 31, 2021

It has been a long journey since user research report in A2 and I have faced so many challenges until now. To have a good prototype, there's so much work to do behind the scenes and in this blog, I will show you the journey. Sit tight and enjoy.

Back in Assignment 2, I had to do 3 different variations for my chosen brief and it is as follows, Contextual, Aesthetic and Accessibility. All three are different variations I had to design, Context focused on a particular objective, Aesthetic focused heavily on illustration, iconography and vibrant colours and Accessibility focused on visually impaired users.

The next step was User research, not a piece of cake as expected. I conducted research in order to validate my app idea so that it works well in the real-world. I did some in-depth research on direct competitors to get useful information on how they work so that I can do better than them. By knowing what they lack could be my strength for my work by implementing these things.

Moreover each year we have new design trends emerging and as a designer, it is very important to keep up to date with them. And that’s why I did research on design trends thus I could implement them in my design itself. Next is knowing your target audience, this was done through interviews and surveys.

Now the fun part starts, storyboarding, it is a follow-up from scenarios in a2. Storyboard consist of visual elements which narrates a short story. Storyboard must have consistency otherwise it could be confusing.

Storyboard 1

Next, is building the prototype, you should keep in head that not everything should work in a prototype and it is okay if some things are not clickable. The importance is that the major goals and objectives are being covered.

Your prototype will grow fast and it is important to name each screen accordingly otherwise you will end up being confuse and it will be a mess. After building your Prototype, it is now time to test it and know how people are using it. Is it difficult to use? Is it working fine? And through this step, you will need to improve the work and refine it until you have the best.